Thursday, June 02, 2005

Byte: Wireless

If there's one thing I like more than spending money, it's *saving* money. Nothing to do with my Scottish and Yorkshire heritage, I assure you. Nothing. Nothing at all.


My team leader, Charles, and I were getting accustomed to our new "office" (i.e. the drop-in centre in Farnborough) on Tuesday, thanks to the company travel ban for the rest of the quarter, and took in a tour of all the sights of the town at lunch. Naturally, since Farnborough is a dive that makes Coventry look good, it didn't take very long. A quick trip to GAME and PC World, and we were done.

One thing caught my eye in PC World; a wireless network kit. I'd been thinking about getting one for a while now, purely because trailing an RJ11 modem cable all the way across the flat every time I want to use the internet is a pain in the arse, and also because my darling girlfriend miraculously manages to accidentally yank the cable out of the modem whenever I'm in the middle of something important. For £80 they were selling a D-Link all-in-one ADSL modem, network switch and wireless router (with hardware firewall) plus a USB wireless transceiver dongle - the ideal wireless network solution for me to be able to switch between using it with either my laptop or desktop. I didn't buy it straight away, because I know most kit in PC World is usually hideously overpriced. So I went back to my desk, looked up the kit on Ebuyer, and found that, yes, I could get the very same kit for around £60, and checked the customer reviews to see that it's pretty good, though can be a little fiddly to set up.

I then went to the PC World website, and found that they were selling it for as near as makes no difference to the Ebuyer price, only that you can buy it on the website and pick it up in-store, saving yourself £20, just for looking at the website.

It's now sitting on the desk enticingly, urging me to go home early and get it set up. Hopefully, I should get it up and running without too many problems, and not find that my girlfriend can inexplicably block 2.4GHz radio waves...
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