Friday, June 10, 2005

Byte: Urban Dictionary

A few posts back, when I was talking about the use of language in online games, I came up with something I thought would make a good new bit of internet nomenclature. I didn't mention it in the post at the time, because I wanted to register it on Urban Dictionary and claim ownership of it first.

Urban Dictionary is great - most of the entries are just there for shits and giggles - such as NTSC-UK's, but there are occasional gems there too.

When I thought about all the people who use "l33t" speak, I thought about how it makes everyone sound the same, and how pretty much only young people use it, just because it's the fashion, I thought that it would be cool to come up with a term that signifies just how stupid talking like that is.

I think it's best to be really simple when it comes to things like this, so the term I thought of and registered was "bl33t" which not only rather subversively contains the term "l33t" it's mocking, but also is almost an onomatopoeia, because I think most people who write exclusively in l33t-speak are all mindless sheep...

I don't think the term will take off or become popular; I just wanted to record it somewhere popular for posterity. Though three thumbs up to one down so far - I can live with that. And remember that if you do see people using it, you heard it here first...
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