Monday, June 13, 2005

Byte: Get stopped with MSN Messenger

You've got to admire Microsoft's canny ability to turn working products into non-working ones. I foolishly decided to upgrade from MSN Messenger 6.2 up to version 7.0, because I kept getting the annoying pop-ups about it, and a friend of mine said she preferred it to the old version.

So, I click the "update messenger here" pop-up, it installs, removes the old version, I update the firewall to let it still have access to the internet, and... it promptly refuses to sign in anymore. Great. I give it the benefit of the doubt, uninstall Messenger completely, and reinstall from scratch, removing the program from Zonelabs, and putting it back in again to make sure that it's not the firewall that's mucking up the sign-in. The result? Still broken. RUBBISH.

So I uninstall it again, and this time, it's staying uninstalled. MSN MessANGER, more like. I'm now using my Instant Messenger Hub in our company messenger tool instead, which doesn't break every time you upgrade it...
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