Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bark: Straight Sets

This internal travel ban has been great. Not only do I get to save a hundred quid a month on diesel costs, vastly reduce the amount of time I spend travelling to and from work, but I also get to work from home during the Wimbledon fortnight. With the wireless broadband, I can just plonk myself in the front room on the settee with my Thinkpad on my lap, with the tennis on in the background, occasionally being able to lift my head on the juicy points.

It's men's quarter final today, and I've been able to keep a lazy eye on the Federer/Gonzalez match and the Roddick/Grosjean match. Federer was just awesome today, and Roddick's playing pretty well too - if they both make the final, it should be a corker. Grosjean's given him a tough game today, but at the moment, as we go into the fifth set, it looks like there's going to be another chapter in the Chronicles Of Roddick for Wimbledon this year... oh, that was a bad pun.

In other news, I signed up recently with the DVD rental scheme on CD Wow. The Silver scheme gives you unlimited rentals (3 disks at a time) for just £14.99 a month, with postage paid both ways. If you're as much of a film buff as my girlfriend is (and I am, to a lesser extent) it's a fabulous deal, and allows you to try out those titles that you either can't find at your local Blockbusters, or wouldn't really want to spent £20 on for a title you might only want to watch the once. We've got The Wicker Man and The Godfather (Part 1) to watch at the moment, which is just as well, because there's sod all on TV this weekend. With a bit of luck, this will curtail the DVD buying for a while - we're somewhere over 130 now, and there's no more space left to put them...

It's the same with videogames, too - I'm desperately running out of storage space. It's just as well that I've got Forza on the Xbox and World of Warcraft on the PC to keep me occupied. The games have so much longevity in them, it should see me through the barren summer release schedule. I do have Soldner: Gold to review at the moment (and I did pick up the Escalation expansion pack to Joint Operations on offer at the weekend), but I think WoW is going to occupy most of my time over the next month until I go on holiday in August. Hopefully by the time I get back, something decent will have come out for me to play.
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