Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bark: Perilous Pollen Predicament

Hayfever's a bitch, isn't it? I've never had it badly before this year, but in the last couple of weeks, I've really been struggling. Prickly throat, feeling sluggish in the mornings (though that's not exactly a new sensation for me) and eyes that itch so badly that you want to rip them out of their sockets. Well, not *eyes*. Just one eye: My right one. Why only my right eye should suffer like this is really rather confusing.

The left one is perfectly fine, but the right one itches, the eyelids spasm crazily like I've been injecting heroine into my eyeballs and frankly, it's as annoying as hell. It's not painful at all, just maddening. I'm pretty sure that spending hours and hours staring at video screens doesn't help matters (though recently I've been using TFT screens exclusively to reduce the amount of radiation bombarding my optic nerves) and neither does using an old pair of glasses. I desperately need an eye test and a new prescription, but I've been putting it off, as I simply can't face the thought of forking out upwards of £200 on two new pairs of glasses and an eye test.

I'm working from home today, (my team leader is working in Hursley, so there was no way I was going into Farnborough to work on my own in the drop-in centre) and my girlfriend suggests that I "leave the door open - get some air". Yeah, right. Get some more pollen, more like. Still, it's a bloody beautiful day today. If it weren't for the hayfever, I'd be tempted to work outside, which is now a real possibility, thanks to the newly installed wireless.

I ended up having to get a wireless PCMCIA card for the Thinkpad in the end, because the USB dongle I got with my router didn't work with it - my T30 is too old, and doesn't have onboard USB 2. I asked my manager to see if I could get a PC card via work (I didn't think he's appreciate a request for a new Thinkpad in the current budget climate!) and he gave me a link to our internal wireless team. Can you just request a wireless PC card? Can you hell as like. I hunt around the intranet, and find out that if you want networking kit to use at home, you have to get it from the Employee Purchase Plan. Which doesn't sell PCMCIA cards (Not off the website, anyway). Bugger this for a game of soldiers, thinks I. One quick trip back to PC World later, and I'm back at home, installing the PC card on my laptop. Bosh! In five minutes, it's up and running. I plug in my network encryption key, and I walking around the flat, Thinkpad in hand, surfing the internet! Isn't modern technology wonderful?
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