Thursday, March 03, 2005

Byte: Less "WoW", more "Ow"

Having finally finished off KOTOR 2, I wanted to devote a little more time to World Of Warcraft. So, last night I connect up the modem, start up the game and log in. As normal for an online game, it goes off and checks to see if there's been a game update. It goes away and updates the executable to version 1.2.4, and I'm quite impressed at how quickly the thing updates. Not too painful, only about five minutes.

I fire the game up again, go to log in, and... "Account name or password invalid." The very same details I successfully logged in with only a few minutes previously. Great. I go to the support page to try and reset my password, in case I've accidentally locked it out or something, but no. The password reset page won't accept my account details, saying that the secret question and contact e-mail fields are empty, when they in fact have the right things in them. And it does the same thing in both Firefox and IE.

I can only conclude that someone's stolen my account and changed everything, Blizzard have locked it out, or the whole thing is completed fucked. I send off a support e-mail, explaining what happened, and this morning, the auto-responder from Blizzard says that the message got delayed/bounced, so who knows how long it'll take to sort out.

All I want to do is play the goddamn game, dammit! Sort your life out, Blizzard! I've got a 6 month subscription I want to use!
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