Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bark: An evening well spent

It's not easy being a corporate whore. I was up until nearly 2am last night doing "Giveback", which is basically unpaid overtime my company *expects* you to do if you want to get a good performance review at the end of the year. The result was worth it, though. The extra five hours I spent last night on top of my normal working day doing development on a Weekly Utilisation report will result in a net saving of four hours per week, through the automation of the data processing - which by the end of the year will equate to about 20 man days. It's pretty satisfying to know that even though you've slogged your guts out through an evening I otherwise could have spent watching DVDs or playing WoW will give such concrete results and real, meaningful time savings for the Resource Managers - I've effectively saved the business a couple of thousand quid (not that it will go to fund a much deserved pay rise) for this year, and freed up a lot of time for the RMs that can be used on other, more important, things. I think that's worth sacrificing an evening for - especially when I've picked up a few more tidbits of programming knowledge in the meantime that will make my day-to-day development tasks easier. AND I get Brownie points my manager. Hurrah!
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