Tuesday, November 02, 2004

We stand on the edge of the abyss

And only one question remains - do we jump or take a step back? This time tomorrow, we should know who is the next American President, or if the courts will decide who it will be. Anyone who's read this blog over the last year or so will know that I'm rooting for Kerry.

This election is being billed as the most important in a generation, and the pundits aren't wrong. If America can get of its collective behind, and be bothered to wait in queues for a couple of hours to exercise the democratic rights that they apparently hold dear (FOR APATHY!) then perhaps we can finally be rid of Bush's crooked cabal of CEOs and Neo-Conservative warmongers. If there's a high turnout (anything over the 50% mark) there's a chance that Kerry will win by a landslide, hence why you have the lovely Grand Old Party trying to disenfranchise voters, not just in one place, but here, there and everywhere. The Republicans can only win by suppressing democracy, by lying and cheating people out of the very things they claim to hold dear. The hypocrisy from the Bush camp is nothing short of outrageous, yet will the American people wise up to it and kick the bastards out of office? We can only hope so, for all our sakes.

Vote Unilateralist Preemptive Draft-dodger or Multi-lateralist Alliance-building Decorated War Veteran? It should be a clear cut choice. As usual, I'm with Michael Moore on this one - There's no way we can even contemplate anything but a Democrat victory; the consequences of another Bush win are too hideous to even think about. Four more years? Four more wars, more like.

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