Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Closing Credits

You may have noticed recently that I've been a tad more lax than usual in updating the Mad Iain Blog. There have been several very good reasons for this. Firstly, I'm much busier at work, and I'm enjoying work much more recently; so I'm a lot less inclined to blog as a work-avoidance strategy. Secondly, I was rather unexpectedly offered a staff writer's position at a new videogames website, after an old online acquaintance pointed their webmaster in my direction; so I'm now devoting my writing energies to writing reviews for this new venture - and have had two reviews published within the last fortnight, with many more to come, hopefully. Since the site's only a month or two old, with a fairly small user base, it's not a paying position - though the site does have a few decent PR contacts, so we do get the odd review copy, and the occasional bit of free software is enough of a compensation for me - I'd write reviews just for the hell of it anyway.

I'm not going to say which website I'm working for - I've either already told you about it, or will get around to telling you in good time - if I want you to know about it - because in terms of my creative self, I want to make a clean break from all the history and dogma from my association with State. The appearance last week of yet another "I can't believe it's not a State Trying To Find A New Direction And Some Enthusiasm thread!" has pretty much sealed my decision to make a clean break from State creatively. I don't want to denigrate what Pat is doing with the State wiki one iota - it's a fine project, just one that doesn't interest me in the least, now that I've seen it evolve over the last couple of months. Wikis leave very little room for expression or personal creativity - and that's what I want to explore - that's what I feel being a writer is about.

Obviously, I'm not cutting ties with State *completely* - I've invested far too much time there over the last three or four years to do that; and I've got far too many friends there - but I'm not going to be nearly as active there as I used to be, as I find that as time goes on, my interest in State is waning. The opportunity to be there at the start and help form and shape a new online gaming community is much more enticing than trying to prod a well-established forum out of its torpor and apathy.

Therefore, it's time to move on, figuratively and literally - and that means the end of Mad Iain; a persona that's long outlived its usefulness and relevance. This has been an interesting exercise over the last year and a half, and if you've been an avid reader, thanks for your interest and time. All good things must come to an end, however, and it's nigh for these ravings.

As this blog's final huzzah, I'd like to say some "Thank you"'s.

Oskar - thanks for getting me interested in this writing business. You've got a lot to answer for! ;-)

Rich and Kieron - thanks for your time and all your invaluable advice to a budding neophyte writer. The crisps and fizzy pop are on me next time I visit Bath.

Jamie - the Scottish Axis Of Evil will never be defeated!

Ian - a reluctant journalist and inspiration to all videogames writers; I salute you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the people I'd like to thank, but for all those of you out there who've shown an interest in the things I've written - whether it was a benign interest or not - thank you for your time, feedback and attention, regardless. Rest assured it's not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

So is this au revoir or adieu? I leave this up to you, fair reader. This may be the closing chapter of this book in my writing life, but the opening stanzas of the first chapter in the new book have already been written - and there will be many more to come, I'm sure. It's up to you to find them...

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