Friday, October 01, 2004


A moment of great excitement occured on the M3 this morning.

I'm coming up to the Basingstoke junction, which is always a bit of a blackspot, such as yesterday, both inside lanes and the hard shoulder were crammed with cars going here there and everywhere at practically a standstill, because they were queuing at the junction for about half a mile, causing everyone else to have to pile desperately into the outside lane to avoid an accident. But we're drifting off-topic - I was talking about today. So I'm coming up to this very same junction, and there are no queues so I can happily toddle along in the middle lane at 70. About half a mile short of the junction, suddenly the outside lane about 200 metres infront of me turns to smoke.

Literally, I can't see anything in the outside lane but smoke. My first thought is "Accident!" so I pop on the Hazards and drop down about 45, as this trail of smoke makes its way over to the hard shoulder, getting gradually closer, and now almost completely blocking the view of the carriageway.

Fortunately, it disperses pretty quickly, and I see that it wasn't an accident after all, but it's just a single car with a problem. A BIG problem. As I pass the car, I see it's one of these Honda Civic CRX's (the one with the flat back, think Blista Compact from GTA: Vice City) has blown its engine, Formula 1 style, with huge plumes of smoke still pouring from the engine as it comes to a stop on the hard shoulder.

That'll teach him for speeding like a fucking maniac.

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