Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mobile Forces

With all the time I've been spending on the M3 lately, I've decided that it's time to invest in a new mobile phone. I do still have a four year old Motorola m3788e knocking about, but the battery is totally shot and barely lasts a day on standby, so I can't really use it. I was thinking about another Pay As You Go phone, but our resident mobile phone expert at work, Olly, has tipped me off to just how spectacularly cheap mobile phone contracts are these days, if you find the right deal.

Such as this one. Argos would seem to be a very odd place to find killer mobile phone deals, but this is very hard to beat, as it's exactly the same as the equivalent deal from the Carphone Warehouse, but with an extra £50 in cash-back. And it comes with a £10 Argos voucher! With the half-price line rental, it actually works out cheaper than home phone, or a PAYG phone, as you don't pay for the handset or connection, and you get 500 free minutes of calls (to any network) plus 100 texts a month inclusive of the line rental, and I'll never use the phone that much. The handset even has a camera on it that can take video snippets.

Before you rush off and buy one, wait until next Monday when I can give you my phone number so I can get a nice referral fee...

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