Friday, October 01, 2004

Evil personified

I became the lowest of the low last night. I spawn-camped on Battlefront.

In a stolen AT-ST scout walker.

But, oh, didn't it feel *so* good...

It was on the Dune Sea map, and the Empire were down to their last couple of Command Posts. Someone had leapt out of their walker to secure another post, when I came sneaking around the corner (having just joined the server) and nicked it, blasting it's poor, hapless ex-driver. Whilst this was going on, they lost their other posts, meaning that all the Imperials spawned at that Command Post. I just stood their waiting for people to spawn, blasting them to hell, before they even had a chance to move, again and again, five at a time, until they ran out of Reinforcement points. Having had the same thing done to me a day or two previously on Hoth, damn, it was satisfying, and I top scored on the server, despite only being in the game for about three minutes.

Overall, last night wasn't as good as the previous night - with the rather unbalanced forces and the unfortunate way it handles respawning (it just spawns you somewhere on the map, without letting you choose - unlike UT Onslaught, for example) the game experience is truly dependent upon the quality of the people you have around you, and the servers I was on last night were gash, both in terms of the people on them and the damnable Lag Monster. Play on a decent server however, and it rocks, as people work together to compensate for the unbalance inherent between the Imperial and Rebel forces. If people don't work together, however, it turns into a walkover for the most powerful side (usually the Empire), and if you happen to be on the wrong side, it's not much fun. I'd say overall it's somewhere between a 70% and an 80% game, depending upon your enthusiasm for Star Wars and the people you're playing with. I still haven't played the Single Player campaign yet, and I'm not really sure I'll bother. I can't see it being more compelling than the online game, and I'm pretty clued up on most of the maps now. If only I had a slightly faster PC, I could have it looking a lot better, too.

Whatever money I have left over from my expenses from getting the car serviced on Monday will probably go towards buying a new PC in the next month or two - a big incentive being that Vivendi have finally announced a release date for Half-Life 2, which they might actually stick to this time, provided the continuing legal wrangling between themselves and Valve doesn't get in the way yet again. It doesn't make much sense to me - they have a phenomenal game (which has just got 96% from PC Gamer UK) which is going to make them both staggering amounts of cash, and they're fannying about arguing over the proverbial cherry on top of this very large cash-cake. It's already a year late, I'd prefer that they didn't make it two...

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