Thursday, September 30, 2004

Oh dear lord, no.

The Star Wars: Battlefront dreams have started. Not content with fighting the Battle of Hoth online, I've started dreaming about it now. A sure sign of a obsessive gaming compulsion that's likely to rival KOTOR and Baldur's Gate. That percentage is steadily creeping up. Perhaps up to 80% now, because the more I play this, the more I like it.

I think I've seen all the maps now, and most of them are pretty good, and a couple really stand out; Hoth, Endor, the two Bespin maps, the Naboo palace map. The Naboo palace map is architecturally gorgeous, literally like stepping into the films. Hoth is probably my favourite map. You might think ice fields would be a tad bland, but the key to Hoth are the use of vehicles, not the infantry actions. Last night defending the base I jumped into an anti-personnel turret guarding the western entrance to the base. It was nearly six minutes (and 20 kills, including two AT-STs) before the Imperials realised what was picking them off and sent an AT-AT to sort me out. I bailed just in time from the turret, and secured a Command Post before getting blasted by a Scout walker. We still lost the match, because people were flying off in Speeders without a gunner, but I topped out the kills list on the server, which was rather satisfying. In a later game on Hoth as the Imperials, I also had a very good run in an AT-ST, as I'd picked the Imperial Pilot class, which heals the vehicle you're in. So I wasn't taking much damage even though people were pummelling me in Speeders. I wandered over to the shield generator, and just kept hammering people as they spawned, which is a tad nasty, but the same thing happened to me the previous night, so I was just getting a little payback. I also nailed down the hanger for about five minutes, blasting the Speeders before people could use them, until a co-ordinated attack of people with missile launchers finally did me in.

The Endor level is rather good too - I've only played it as the Empire so far, and it's quite an intimidating experience being charged by half a dozen whooping Ewoks. Thankfully, they're rather low on hitpoints, and a standard trooper with the Blaster Rifle can take them out very easily if your aim is good enough. It's great fun zipping about on Speeder Bikes, though the level's a bit tight with all the trees to use the AT-STs on. The Imperials need the vehicles, though, since their white armour just makes you a big target in the woods, whilst the Rebels all have camouflage, making them much harder to spot.

The one other memorable moment of last night was being eaten by the Sarlacc on the Dune Sea level on Tatooine. I'll have to try not to get so close next time...

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