Wednesday, September 29, 2004

More Battlefront

I'm going to have to nudge that percentage I gave you yesterday up a few points. After a more extended play last night, and having seen a few more maps, I'm finding it really rather enjoyable. Games purists would argue that the game is horribly broken by the lack of balance between the forces on a couple of the maps, but I quite like the way one side is put completely at a disadvantage (usually in terms of vehicles), because it forces people to work together. I saw some pretty astounding defensive co-ordination last night from some people who were obviously from a Clan who've had a lot of practice on other online shooters.

They were on the Rebel side of the Battle Of Hoth, splitting up evenly to man the defensive turrets and the Snowspeeders, combining to neutralise the Imperial walkers are quickly as possible, whilst still taking time to help out with the infantry battle. The Battle Of Hoth should be a walkover for the Imperials, but here they really cleaned house, through some very intelligent play. It was a shame my connection to the server dropped after a couple of games, because it was a real learning experience and a joy to watch people that good play.

The servers I was on last night had much better players on than before, and that really enhances the experience. I was still pleasingly close to the top of the Server Scores, and got the DeadEye award a couple of times, which was nice. Though I did get the Traitor award once on Hoth for accidentally blowing up three of my team-mates (and myself) when a Thermal Detonator didn't go *quite* where I'd intended. I managed to get the Killing Spree award in the same game, however, again with a Thermal Detonator when I had five Rebels fortuitously spawn infront of me at a Command Post.

I even briefly tried a Clone Wars server. The overall experience isn't as good as on the Galactic Civil War servers, but still pretty interesting. The CIS rocket tank is pretty awesome, and playing as a Droideka is quite challenging. The droids are all very vulnerable to blaster fire, but the Droideka has a shield that renders it almost invincible, the catch being that you can only use it for a limited amount of time before it needs to recharge. The second catch is that you need to have deployed the Droideka to use it, meaning that your walking pace is painfully slow. You could get outrun by sloths. Seriously. This means that to get anywhere quickly across the level, you need to retract your weapons and roll, meaning you can go places quickly, but can't defend yourself. It takes some practice to play and get used to only using the shield intermittently, so that it's not deactivating at the critical moment in a firefight, and learning how to (literally) roll out of trouble. I'll probably stick to the Civil War servers more often than not, though.

This might eat more hours away from Sims 2 than I previously thought...

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