Monday, September 06, 2004


That's what I was doing roughly every 30 minutes for about 8 hours, between 3am and 11am on Friday morning. BLEURGH - having a deeply unpleasant conversation on the porcelain telephone. I'll never have another one of Budgen's Chicken Jalfrezi's ever again.

To recouperate over the weekend, I spent most of the time I wasn't in bed replaying NWN: Hordes Of The Underdark, with a Neutral Evil Ranger (who is now "Epic" at Level 23). Hordes is unusual for one of Bioware's AD&D efforts, in that it's actually viable to play an evil character, and possibly even more rewarding than being good. I played through most of the first two chapters (I had previously gotten to the third chapter with my Blackguard character prior to my hard drive upgrade - the very reason why it remains uncompleted, in fact) and discovered quite a few new things. Enserric the Talking Longsword was a particularly good find. Hordes is probably the most engaging of the Neverwinter Nights games, with plenty of Beholder bashing, Illithid eviserating fun, and now with two henchmen to bring along, there's more of that Baldur's Gate party feeling back in the game. The Epic level feats and the new Prestige classes all add to the variety and longevity of the game and Deekin looks astoundingly good with wings. They don't appear to have any discernable affect on the game, they just twitch, flap a bit and look quite cool. I'm tempted to replay the game as a Sorceror/Red Dragon Disciple, now. It's definitely not for AD&D virgins, as some of the encounters are quite tough, especially for the first hour or two, but it's good fun and worth persisting with.

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