Tuesday, August 10, 2004

If your friends were Queen songs...

Which song would they be?

This question occurred to me when I recently cut A Night At The Opera from CD onto my laptop at work, mainly because whenever I listen to Seaside Rendevous, it reminds me of Avv. Why? He'll probably take great offense to this, but because I think it's probably the *gayest* song ever written, but like Avv, it always makes me smile and feel happy that it's in the world due to it's sheer cleverness.

In an effort to systematically alienate most of my other friends on the forum, I've decided to put in a little thought and select other Queen songs that describe them best, from my own warped and twisted perspective. Apologies in advance for those I've missed/couldn't find an appropriate song for. Remember, don't get mad - it's just a little fun!

Paul(SCC) - not Stone Cold Crazy, as his forum nick would have you believe, but Innuendo

Patricia - Dragon Attack (she's *so* going to kill me for that!)

Oskar - Heaven For Everyone

Super Foul Egg - Death On Two Legs

Always Black - Good Company

Quinns - All Dead, All Dead (because of all the fallen Zangband heroes, obviously)

Tim Edwards - Play The Game

Richard Cobbett - difficult one this, but has to be Under Pressure, what with all those dealines...

Kieron Gillen - The Prophet's Song

John Walker - Let Me Entertain You

DAT500 - what else other than Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll?

Dazmeister - The Fairy Fellar's Masterstroke (just because I know it'll *really* annoy him...)

Mr Day - The Loser In The End (I'll 'pwn' you on a UT2004 server one day, I swear)

Mr Spoon - Is This The World We Created? (in homage of your super webskillz)

Jamie(MPK) - Tenement Funster

Razerbug - Who Needs You?

Bobsy - In The Lap Of The Gods (tenuous Baldur's Gate link there)

Owen - Bohemian Rhapsody

And of course, I had to pick something for myself, and it could only be I'm In Love With My Car...

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