Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Long Play

I've not been playing games too much recently, as I've been knuckling down and writing in pretty much every free hour I can muster. Last night I sent off a Long Play article on Knights Of The Old Republic to Lord Donald for him to have a look at, which will hopefully get a positive reception. The irony of writing a piece for a magazine section called "Extra-Life" is not lost on me, particularly in these dark days of server blackout on State. Still no word from our host's Billing Department, but everything is in place for service to be restored - it's just a matter of them actually getting around to do it. I'm sure you can all survive for another day or two.

I'm also revisiting my Star Wars: Supremacy addiction in a Bow, Nigger-style piece tentatively called "Confessions Of A Galactic Tyrant", which mixes an analysis of the game with stylised anecdotes from the point of view of the player as a game progresses. Including boxouts, it's already well over 2500 words, and it's going to be difficult keeping it down to a printable length, but hopefully it's entertaining enough to be worth printing. My somewhat more philosophical article on Music in Videogames is also taking shape, and I'm hoping to get both of them finished in the next week or so. I'm going to be having a writers' workshop session with Paul tomorrow night over our usual weekly stir-fry and beer to exchange hints, tips and suggestions, which should be enlightening.

In other news, well, it's taken a month, but the forumites on PCGF have finally got around to dissing my Devil's Advocate. It's nice to know that I've not lost my touch...

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