Wednesday, July 07, 2004

How could you do this, after all we've been through?

I'm going to plug a wonderful little downloadable bit of Freeware that's currently still in the Alpha stage, but looking really rather good. It's a remake of the classic Spectrum game Ant Attack, which was one of the very first 3D games ever made. Modesty doesn't say what she's coding the game in, but it's looking seriously retro-tastic, with not only a free-floating camera for the classic isometric view, but also a proper first person perspective! Considering that she's writing this entirely in her free time, she's done amazingly well for just a couple of month's work (though she may have been working on this for longer than she's been blogging about it). It's worth downloading now, but will be even better when she implements the grenades and the character animation for the leading man and the damsels in distress. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

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