Monday, July 12, 2004

Desmond's Gate

Bad pun alert! Bad pun alert! Thanks to the astonishing third iteration of the Baldur's Gate Randomness Thread on the PC Gamer forum, I've been made aware of a fantastic little Baldur's Gate 2 mod called BG1tutu (I said it was a bad pun) that allows you to play Baldur's Gate using the Baldur's Gate II engine. You need to have complete installs of both games on your PC at the same time, and using the mod prevents you from playing Shadows Of Amn, but it's worth it if you really feel like playing Baldurs Gate again without having to wipe blood away from your weeping retinas every five minutes because of the low-res graphics.

The only problem I've found so far is that the journal appears to be broken, but that isn't really a major issue for me, since I've played it so much I don't need it anyway. Otherwise, it seems to work nicely. The cutscenes and special dream sequences all seem to still work, and the game looks a lot better.

The big advantage (other than the nicer graphics and 3D support) is that the mod allows you to use all the BGII AD&D engine improvements with Level One characters at the start of BG, meaning that you can give Imoen a Swashbuckler Thief character kit and can have Minsc dual-wielding Morningstars for maximum hit-things-very-hard-for-high-score damage. I had to install it on my desktop, since my laptop won't reinstall BGII for some bizarre reason (it didn't uninstall properly, I think) so I transferred over a character file and imported my new uber-Ranger Thrawn (see the Godchild blog entry for stats) into the game at Level 4, giving him *** in dual-wield, ** in Long Sword and ** in Longbow, making him a rather potent Gibberling mince-making machine. Mmm... Gibberling mince!

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