Thursday, July 08, 2004

1215 Overture

Since my PC is getting on for three years old now, I'm researching the cost of buying a new PC. Pentathlon Direct have caught my eye. Their equivalent spec machines are much cheaper than Alienware, and it's nice to find a supplier who'll just sell the PC tower on their own, because I don't need a new monitor, keyboard or mouse. Unfortunately, the Athlon 64 3400+ with 1GB of RAM and the Radeon X800 I want to get costs £1215. It's a lot of money I don't have right at the moment, unfortunately, so it's quite lucky that it appears that my PC isn't *quite* over the hill yet.

Paul came around last night, and I demoed him Joint Operations, this time jumping on one of the Jolt Advance And Secure servers, and the performance of the game was much better, and consequently, so was mine. By the end of the night, I was third highest scoring player on the server, which is pretty good, even if there was only 20 people on it. I still can't imagine a session on a server packed with over 100 people on it though. The game does seem quite heavily weighted towards snipers, and with lots of people camping, it might be a recipe for complete frustration. I'll just have to play and see.

I had a few more good moments in the two (hour long!) games I played (one as a Rebel and the other as a Joint Ops bod). I was manning a 50 cal on a jeep when my driver went careering into one of the Player Spawn Points, crashing into the garage of one of the buildings. A poor Joint Ops guy had just leapt out of the way of the jeep, and was just getting his grenades ready when I cut him down with the 50 cal from a distance of all about five feet. We both jump out and then sweep up opposite staircases to the roof in tandem, securing the Spawn Point as we go. Pretty bloody awesome. I also spent some time as a Blackhawk pilot, ferrying passengers around the island and having my minigun operators wreak total havoc as I orbited around enemy positions, sticking to the nap of the earth so that the Rebel engineers couldn't shot us with Stingers. There's nothing quite like clinging to the treetops with the rattle of miniguns ringing in your ears... I'm going to be playing this a lot more, I think.

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