Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Ooops. It seems like some of the comments I made a few posts back about the PCG redesign have miffed a couple of the writers there. Oh well, that was a short career as a Future freelancer, wasn't it?

Tim E tells me that his fellow staff writer Craig was a bit peeved that I said that he'd "stolen" content from State for the Extra-Life section of the new mag (not by name, obviously, but by inference since he wrote some of the material in question). Now, having been through all the traumas last year about copyright law, I can reassure Craig that you can't plagiarise a forum post, so I was never attacking the integrity of the magazine. I wasn't being completely serious anyway - my tongue was firmly in cheek, particularly with the "THEY STOLE OUR ORANGE" line.

I'm *flattered* if they find memes of worth on the forum for use in the magazine - it was just a bit of a shock seeing lots of things I traditionally associate with State suddenly plastered all over the cover of the best selling PC games magazine in the country... It's hard seeing something you've poured your soul into for over a year very suddenly be potentially devalued.

I had an e-mail exchange with Lord Donald about the whole Extra-Life thing and I'm convinced that the reasons PCG chose to go with the name were probably the same ones we chose to use it as a domain name - so I'm sure there's no subterfuge or anything untoward going on. State has a userbase of less than 400, and PCG has 65,000 odd readers, so what possible ulterior motive could they possibly have?

*tickles Craig*

So don't be miffed sweetie, and don't listen to me. I'm Mad and Wrong. It says so up there. *points*

I mean, it's a *blog*. It's not like I expected anyone to *read* what I said, let alone take it seriously...

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