Friday, June 04, 2004


My spangly new Sennheiser headphones arrived yesterday, proving that CaseTech are merely incompetent, rather than fraudulent. I was greatly relieved to see that they were in perfect condition and full working order, having also received my credit card bill on the same day...

They're a magnificent piece of kit, sleek, silver and very sexy. The sound is awesomely good, though a little quiet via the USB interface, which is probably more down to the fact that I'd plugged them into the USB hub on my keyboard (which is a little underpowered - my USB gamepad won't work on it for example) than anything else. I'm going to try them directly plugged into the soundcard tonight, and have my ears bathe in the beauty of GTA: Vice City's soundtrack.

They even have a super little cord holder which will prevent any of the problems I had with Fleur's "tidying" damaging the cable on my previous set, so I'm pleased. Worth £90? Every damn penny.

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