Monday, June 21, 2004


The last couple of weeks have been like Waterworld in the flat - watery, apocalyptic and expensive. The Sunday evening after Fleur went off to Italy on a school trip, the bathroom ceiling started leaking, and created a fair sized hole in the plaster. Just as well Fleur wasn't there - she would have gone mental had she seen a stream of water cascading from the ceiling into the bath, covering it with semi-disolved plaster, at quarter to eleven. If that wasn't enough - the Saturday when she came back, having just broken the news that there was a hole in the bathroom ceiling, one of the pipes in the kitchen blocked, making the washing machine flood the floor.

As a consequence, I spent most of the weekend on my knees, replacing the kitchen floor, meaning my legs are absolutely *killing* me today. The landlord for the chaps upstairs also came around to repair the ceiling in the bathroom, so it was a real DIY weekend. The kitchen floor looks great now, and the flood actually allowed me to drag out the washing machine from its cubbyhole under the kitchen worktop, so I could put cork tiles underneath where it sits. This has levelled the floor out nicely, and the washing machine doesn't make that infernal rattling *quite* so loudly when it spins up. Which makes it easier to watch the TV.

Rod (the landlord) also did a lovely job replastering the bathroom ceiling, so all I have to do with that is smooth it off a little with polyfiller, and put artex over the top to seal it all up. Fingers crossed, you'll never be able to tell that there was a big gaping hole there.

So I didn't get much gaming, or writing, done over the weekend, unfortunately - though I did manage to lose another couple of Zangband characters late on Friday night. I was pretty depressed at losing a Level 18 Beastman Chaos Warrior who I had high hopes of - he had some lovely mutations.

I did have a brief go of TRON 2.0 which one of my Greater State Minions sent to me as their contribution to the site's server rent. It's very different to most FPS games I've played. It really does a great job of capturing the aesthetic of the film, and the disk combat is novel to say the least. It's bloody hard though. I got my arse handed back to me the first time I took on two enemies simultaneously. The effect when you de-rezz is nice, though. I can't wait to try out the bike.

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