Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Remember the Sennheiser headset that I ordered last week? Well, by this morning, it hadn't turned up, despite the fact that when I ordered it last Monday I was assured by the website that it would be "Shipped within 24 hours" and would be at my door within 3 working days.

So I spammed them a couple of prompting e-mails, (because, wonderfully, you can't ring them up and speak to an actual *person*) and hey presto, I check my transaction order a few minutes ago, and the status has suddenly updated to "Shipped". Only a week late. If it's not on my doorstep sometime this week, I'm going to be even more unhappy than I am now.

I won't be using these guys again. The people you want to avoid sending your money to for absolutely no customer service are: CaseTech

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