Monday, June 14, 2004

Aleister - RIP

Reinspired by Kieron's Zangband piece, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday nights playing Zangband - after not having touched it for a couple of months. Determined to get a character into State's Zangband Hall Of Heroes I played ultra-cautiously, and when I got to Level 20, went North East to take advantage of the Dragon-slaying Experience Point bonanza, and climbed up to Level 26 in less than an hour. It's a dangerous strategy, since the North-East corner of the map is crawling not only with Dragons, but nasties like Cyclops and Storm Giants. However, with my Katana of *Slay* Dragon +6/+7 (+1), and a +10/+12 (+1) Pattern Lance, I was pretty confident being able to handle just about anything, especially since my Golem Chaos-Warrior had over 300 hitpoints and an armour class of 116.

After a few close calls I was getting bored of killing dragons, and thought I had gained enough experience to go back underground, and exceeded 1000 feet for the first time ever. At 1200 feet, I was given a level quest to kill 8 Orge Mages. Some titanic battles ensued, as the Ogre Mages summoned creatures to aid them from Aleister's rampage. Using corridors to funnel the hordes of enemies into single combat, the valiant Golem smashed his way through their ranks, systematically wiping out the mages, with barely a dent in his 362 hitpoints. With just one Ogre Mage to kill before getting rewarded with the level exit, Aleister entered one of the last unexplored chambers on the map.

Little did he know this would be the last thing he ever saw. Before him lay a dozen Dark Elven Warlocks - evilly powerful spellcasters. The disadvantage of playing Golems is a pitifully low intelligence score, meaning that you can't engage at range with a Chaos Warrior's normal range of spells - you're pretty much restricted to missile weapons and melée. Aleister never stood a chance. Bombarded with spells and confused in the first combat round - he couldn't even run away, and was too befuddled to use a Recall or Teleportation scroll. Within a dozen rounds, he was dead. Rest In Pieces, Aleister. You were taken from us too soon.

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