Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Before we get to Gordon, I have to recount the anecdote of my trip home last night, and the journey in this morning. 17.45 -home time - and I jump in the Coupé, switch on Five Live and head towards the M3. A traffic report comes on and reports that two lanes are out between Hook and Fleet services (Junction 5 and 4a, whereas Lightwater is at Junction 3) after a huge crash, so I decide to be clever, come off the M3 at Junction 9 and take the A31 to Farnham, pick up the A331 to Frimley and go back home that way.

Everything's going swimmingly, and I'm smiling as I still hear reports of huge tailbacks on the M3 at Hook, until I reach Farnham. Between Farnham station and the A331 there's a little one mile drag of dual carriageway. And it's jammed solid. Emergency fecking roadworks to fix the fecking *sewers*. It takes half an hour to get through it, totally throwing away whatever time I might have saved over going down the M3 instead. I wasn't happy.

This morning - I drop Fleur off, put Five Live on again on to see if there are any problems on the M3. Nothing reported in the traffic reports during the quarter of an hour or so it takes to drop her off and reach the M3/A331 split, so I go down the M3. Quarter of an hour later, I'm coming up to Fleet services, and the traffic report comes on. "Both outsides lanes closed on the M3 due to the accident yesterday". There's literally a mile of brake lights illuminating the carriageway in front of me. I think "You could have told me this quarter of an hour ago, you bastards." Must have been a big accident, though, as they were replacing about 200m worth of crash barriers in the central reservation.

Anyway, Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Fantastic series - I used to think Ramsay was a foul mouthed twat, but now I've revised my opinion. He's a foul-mouthed genius. I like him for the fact that he really knows his stuff and that he doesn't take any shit. This man calls a spade a spade, and I can really respect that. This week's episode was quite tame compared to the previous two, but still highly enjoyable. It's amazing though to think that these failing resteraunts call him in, but don't listen to his advice - and this is a multi-Michelin starred chef! It looks like there should be some fireworks next week to round out the series, however.

After the program was over, I put in a couple of hours on Baldurs Gate, which I'm replaying as a Paladin, whom I got up to Level 4 last night. I'm just about to send him to sort out the Bandit camp, which should be amusing, no doubt. I intend to complete the game, and then import him into BGII, which I still haven't completed yet, after about 3 years of having owned the bloody game. Must. Do. Better.

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