Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Numbers Game

I rather unwisely stayed up late last night to watch Croupier. I say unwisely, because it didn't finish until midnight, and the disadvantage of driving nearly 100 miles a day to and from work means that I'm always very tired in the morning so staying up that late isn't really such a good idea.

Croupier is a very fine film, from the same director as Get Carter (possibly my favourite Michael Caine film). The first time I saw it, I was impressed by how realistic the casino scenes were. I never got to work in London as a croupier, where things are a bit more formal than where I worked in Sheffield, but all the basics were there - clueless managers, desperate punters, arseholes who only use call bets and cheating scum. Clive Owen clearly had some training, though any croupier who'd had a few months experience would make his dealing look pretty stupid - he wasn't nearly fast enough, though his Blackjack was commendably tidy.

Lots of things from the film strike a little too close to home for my comfort - the film is entirely accurate in the way that it depicts the way becoming a dealer consumes you, which is all the more shocking when you realise that becoming a croupier is a job that you just end up in, rather than actively pursue. I might write more on this later tonight, as I'm a bit too busy at work now to go into my shady past...

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