Monday, May 17, 2004

Are you a limited company?

It's done. I've sold out.

Yesterday I signed my Freelancer's contract with Future Publishing, so they officially now have first dibs on all my work. At the moment it's just one article, but now I've signed the contract, I hope they're going to send more stuff my way, and I have a couple of more pieces planned that I want to send them.

I'm not sure what all this means for State yet, as it's going to be difficult finding time to write stuff both for Future and for State. I can reuse stuff I do for Future on State once the exclusive rights lapse on the article, but I think my input there is going to be limited to retro reviewing and the odd editorial (which I've been extremely lax in lately - my bad) from now on.

It was quite a surreal feeling, signing the contract and filling out the self-employment questionnaire (hence the title of the post) - the realisation that someone is actually *paying* for my work, my words. To do something you love, and get paid for it, it's really something.

Some of the questions on the self-employment questionnaire were quite funny:
"Are you a limited company?" in particular raised a smile. Yes, I sell shares of me on the stock exchanges. I'm in the FTSE 100 dontcha know? "How much of your time worked do you spend for Future Publishing?" was also quite a head scratcher. Err, it's just one article, not my primary source of income. AND NO, I DON'T HAVE A FECKING ACCOUNTANT.

Still, it's all out of the way now, so I can just wait for the new issue to come out, and you can all see my fetching Devils Advocate picture and amusing mini-biography. 11th of June... Four weeks to go.

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