Thursday, April 01, 2004

Weekly Wednesday Onslaught

I've set up a weekly UT2004 session for interested parties on State to coincide with Fleur's weekly Yoga class, and last night was our inaugural match. Lots of fun was had by all, though my poor PC regrettably wasn't quite up to the job of hosting half a dozen people rampaging around an Onslaught map. We shifted servers en mass where things weren't quite so laggy.

Had a couple of really nice moments when the aforementioned Mr. Cobbett hitched a ride on the sidepod of my Manta skimmer bike, which I never would have thought you'd be able to do. I can see that becoming a great little opening tactic at the start of Onslaught games to get the first couple of nodes claimed in double quick time. I was pretty pleased with my overall performance - I wasn't the best player on the server, but I was hardly the worst, either, usually scoring just above average, thanks to my PSYCHO POINT MAN tactics of getting to nodes as quickly as possible, and trying to hold them until they become available to be claimed. I need to work on my lag shooting, though - the art of predicting where a player will be in the half second it'll take the server to process the collision detection from you firing the shot to updating where the enemy is moving to - but practice makes perfect, I suppose...

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