Friday, April 23, 2004


It's the last weekday of my fortnight's holiday, and I've been doing a little bathroom DIY. Since we were lumbered with a hideous dusky pink bathroom suite, we've tried to tone it down a little, by repainting some of the tiles around the bath grey. Unfortunately, painted tiles need regrouting a lot, and our water is so lime dense it just destroys the colour of the silicone sealant around the bath, so I've had to redo both. I couldn't be arsed with a silicone gun, so I got a natty little silicone sealant tape instead - cheaper and a heck of a lot less messy. I've got to do a little touching up work with the window frames and the ceiling coving too, though I might leave some of that until the weekend.

I also noticed last night that we're starting to get water damage above the bath, no doubt from the bathroom of the flat upstairs. Only a few minor drips at this stage, but these things only go one way. From bad to worse. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

I'll need to have a word with the neighbour (who I've not met up to this point, despite having been in the flat nearly three years). Hopefully, they'll be friendly, and we can get it sorted without trouble and avoid a disaster a few months down the line. If not, well, this is why we have house insurance, I suppose. I don't think Fleur's noticed yet, and I haven't told her. She'd only worry, and she's had two fits already this week... The first week back from holiday is always the worst - something I have to look forward to next week. Particularly since I have no idea what project I'm going to be working on. The last thing I need to find out on Monday is that my Resource Deployment Manager has put me up for a job in Lossiemouth.

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