Tuesday, March 02, 2004


I had to listen to Royksopp's Night Out (Track 7, Melody AM) THREE TIMES on the way into work this morning in order to improve my mood enough to face another day in the office. I'm pretty desperately unhappy with work at the moment. I'm being shat on consistently by my Project Manager, who expects me to be able to sysadmin 7 RS/6000 servers, maintain an NT/2000 network *as well* as doing database maintenance work, all without any of the training or handover that would allow me to do my job.

Her response to my request for training was "I'll think about it." which is Project Manager-speak for "It's not in the project plan, don't fucking hold your breath."

My Terms Of Reference come up at the end of the month, and unless I get a commitment that she's actually going to give me the necessary training to do the job I've been asked to do (not, I hasten to add, the job I joined the project to do) I'm outta there. There's no chuffing way that I'm going to stay on the project another 6-12 months under these conditions - I'd end up murdering half the project team.

It doesn't help that my "Team Leader" has all the leadership abilities of an unambitious lemming, arrives last in the office, leaves first and pulls more sickies than the rest of the team combined. And let's not get into the badly remunerated support work. (*£2* an hour for standby? On a weekend? PISS. OFF.) Fuck the bonus we're supposed to be getting at the end of April. If I was in this for the money, I wouldn't be working for IBM, would I? I'd much rather be in a project role I enjoy. Hell, at the moment, I'd rather be commuting to Manchester and back on a daily basis. Even working at the casino in Sheffield was better than this.

I'm off to whinge at my Career Development Manager. At least he listens.

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