Friday, March 19, 2004

Online Onslaught

I've just been out to lunch to purchase UT2004 and a high-speed internet phone lead to plug into the ADSL microfilter (since my old modem lead doesn't have the right connections anymore). I'm looking forward to some UT2004 Onslaught online tonight, depending upon how quickly I can get the ADSL set up. I spent another couple of hours on the UT2004 demo last night, mainly playing Onslaught, but a bit of Bombing Run as well, and upped the bot AI to Experienced (or whatever the 8th highest out of the 12 or so AI levels there are) and was still coping comfortably. I *love* the tank.

Playing with real people will be completely different, I expect. There will undoubtably be a whole range of people with varying abilities playing, and I hope to be somewhere in the middle, as I've not had a huge amount of online experience. Being there at the beginning just after the game has been released should level things out a little though.

If the weather continues to throw it down like this all weekend, it looks like I might be able to *really* abuse not only the ADSL line, but probably Fleur's patience as well!

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