Thursday, March 11, 2004

Fat Pipe

I got my bonus this month, and since it's wiped out my overdraft with a considerable amount to spare, I've been having that money burning a hole in my pocket feeling. I've been considering getting an Alienware tower, because my current one is starting to get a little saggy now. I got a bit of a rude shock at the performance of Deus Ex: Invisible War at the weekend just gone. A 1.5GHz minimum spec? What's all that about? The game was designed for the Xbox, for goodness sake! However, I can't really justify it when there's still a new cooker that I need to buy to replace my current one, which is not only hideous, but about 20 years old.

However, I want to arrange the delivery date for the cooker to coincide with the second week of my Easter holiday in April, which means I can't order it *now* and sate that spending desire. Fleur wouldn't be impressed if I went and bought a widescreen TV either, so what on earth could I splurge on?

As I've probably ranted about before here, I've been rather frustrated by an inability to get broadband, because the flat is too far from the local telephone exchange. Well, I had a quick check on the BT website, and it now appears that they've extended the range of broadband signals from 5.5km to 6km, which neatly brings the flat into range! So, off I toddle to the Pipex website, who I've had recommended to me by several people, and sign up for their Solo2Go 512K broadband package, which costs just £18 to set up (as opposed to the £50-60 charged by everyone else) and includes the cost of the Modem plus the microfilters you need to separate the ADSL signal from the normal phone line.

It should be activated within the next couple of weeks, meaning that I'll have fast internet at home, and Fleur will still be able to use the phone when I'm online, so everybody wins. And at only £24 a month, it's hardly a drain on the old finances. I might even indulge in some online gaming now. Skillo!

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