Monday, February 23, 2004


I had a stonking weekend this week (Last week?). I stayed up late on Friday night getting drunk and making ladies snog each other on The Sims - after the legendary story of Kieron Gillen turning up late to the Garricks Head having got two men to do it, I had to finally try it out for myself - and it works. I'm going to have to set up a couple of bisexual love triangles to *really* make things interesting. Fleur and I also had a baby (in the game), named Oskar, for the creator of State (Fleur, touchingly, thought he was named for the film awards ceremony...) which we somehow managed to nurture for the three Sim days necessary for him to become a full blown child, without getting taken away by the Social Services.

On Saturday Fleur and I (not in the game) went to a wonderful Sculpture Park outside of Farnham, which my friend Louis had told me about. It was a shame I forgot to take the camera because it was a stunning place - especially since the website doesn't have a photo on it of my favourite piece - an absolutely massive eagle sculpted from cork. We'll have to go back in the summer, just to see how it changes and see which pieces have been sold, and what they'll have brought in to replace them. In the evening, we did something unusual, Fleur and I cooked together, making spring rolls and oriental rice. Fleur has fallen in love with Chinese Five-Spice, because it has cinnamon in it,...

Sunday was equally lovely - a long lie-in followed by lunch in Guildford at the Wagamama's - my first experience of Japanese food. I can't remember the name of what I had - but it was really lovely - a breaded chicken escalope with sushi rice, an elegant Japanese curry sauce and a Japanese green salad, washed down with a Kirin beer I'd not had before. Exquisite.

Since we were in Guildford, we did some shopping - and I managed to successfully avoid buying any games or DVDs - and then we went home to have dinner (pork medallions in soy and Five-Spice with some Five-Spice potato mash - a bit of an oriental weekend all round, really!) and watch Sexy Beast, which Paul lent me ages ago.

Sexy Beast is okay - only really worth watching for Ben Kingsley, really. Don Logan (Kingsley's character) is the total anti-thesis of his Oscar-winning role (Gandhi) everyone remembers him for. A truly frightening performance in its intensity.

After that, I played a bit more on The Sims, got myself and Fleur another promotion, and then snogged the next door neighbour, Bella. There might be a bit of polygamy going on, if I can arrange it. (IN THE GAME! IN THE GAME!)

Oh, and there was also a bit of Zangbanding going on over the weekend, too - for which State now has it's very own Hall Of Heroes.

Overall, a most satisfactory weekend.

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