Friday, February 06, 2004


I'm really hacked off at the moment. The RS/6000 server I've been painstakingly rebuilding from scratch for the last month - well, I've been told to regress it to the point where I started from a month ago. Fantastic, isn't it? A month's work, thrown right out of the window. Why? Because I haven't been trained to do my job, and I don't have sufficient knowledge to resolve the problems we've had on the box. So to say my morale is rock bottom at the moment isn't getting too far from the truth. Particularly considering that I'm on 24/7 support over the weekend and the phone has been ringing off the hook all bloody week.

Otherwise, I'm keeping myself busy doing some research for an article I'm writing for State. I'm putting together a list of the most important and influential videogames, and providing reasons *why* they're so essential. It's not a typical Channel 4 saturday night's "Top 100", as importance and influence isn't always measured in excellence - utter mediocrity can be influential too. Besides, I don't intend on featuring nearly that many games - 25 or 30 at the most, as it's difficult to judge really how many games have truly had the massive impact required to justify their inclusion. The thread I posted on State to garner suggestions has had a positive reaction so far - barring the ubiquitious sneer from Schiz.

I hope to put the finishing touches on it over the weekend. I'm sure no matter which games I include, complaints will be raised about the inclusion (or more likely the exclusion) of someone's pet game. If there's one thing I've learnt from writing articles for State over the last couple of years, it's that I'm *bound* to annoy someone,....

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