Wednesday, February 25, 2004

RIP, Thrawn - Chaos Warrior

I lost my Level 14 Chaos Warrior on Zangband last night. I was doing well, making inroads into the 7 baby multihued dragons on Dungeon Level 8, despite being turned into a weakling Mindflayer from my original super-strong Half-Giant. Then, suddenly, I get set upon my Hill Orcs. I handle a couple easily enough, but then I see the monster description - "Normally found in groups". Oh dear. My Mindflayer's rather weak in melée and still didn't have enough spell points to take on groups of enemies, so I think it's time to bug out and sell all the nice items I've accumlated from the dungeon trawling.

I read my scroll of Recall, a few turns and I'm back to the surface. Then a dozen more Hill Orcs storm into the room. Do I fight? Do I run? In the end, I don't have a choice - I'm weighed down by my armour and loot haul - I'm quickly surrounded, and I'd doing my best to hold out until the Recall scroll takes effect. A few turns go by, and I'm perilously low on hit points. Desperately, I start drinking potions, hoping against hope that the Recall scroll will save me. One. Turn. Too. Late.

I'm dead. Slain by Hill Orcs.

If Khorne hadn't turned me into a Mindflayer at Level 13, I would have been able to fight my way out. The BASTARD.

Broken but unbowed - I start again.

Geek the Yeek! Chaos Warrior!

I figure, if I start as a Yeek, when I get mutated by my God, the only way is up, right? WRONG. Geek struggles valiantly to Level 4, and what is his reward?

His God cries out "Die, mortal!"

Poor old Geek is surrounded by Kobolds and metallic centipedes. Geek decides this battle is too much for him and flees for his life. Within two turns, he's actually at ZERO hitpoints. Still alive, still running, but the next hit will kill him. Geek's too far from the edge of the map. No potions. No scrolls. No hope. Dead. Slain by a blue metallic centipede. Oh, the indignity!

This game is cruel, but oh, *so* good.

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