Friday, February 27, 2004

Level 15

It's no use. I lost another Zangband character last night. Paul, the Stone (Cold Crazy) Golem. I was on Dungeon Level 12, and feeling pretty confident with myself. Level 15 Chaos Warrior, with well over 200 hitpoints, an armour class of 60, and a 2d6 +11, +6 [+1] axe in hand, Paul is simply magnificent in melée. I get a warning - "This level is protected by 9 gnome mages". Never having fought one before, I relish the challenge. YOU FOOL.

I walk through a door. I'm surrounded by Blink Dogs. Easy to kill, but they can teleport you around, which can land you in all sorts of trouble. And they duly did. Here's my first Gnome mage. Being a golem, I've got rather good saving throws, so his magical attacks aren't doing that much damage, whilst I divide my time between him and the Blink Dogs. I get in one solid hit on him. The gnome blinks away and summons monsters to aid him. A bloody Umber Hulk.


I'm in real trouble now - surrounded by enemies, confused, and taking heavy damage. I can't run because I'm so confused I'm thinking that empty space is actually walls, and naturally, I can't concentrate enough to read a scroll of Phase Door to get me out of trouble. I flail around hoping that I can get rid of the confusing gaze of the Umber Hulk by killing it quickly. I'm down to 20 hit points by the time I get rid of it. A turn later, my senses are back, and what comes out of the darkness? A Moonbeast, who promptly swooshes in and lays on the fatal blow before I can Phase Door out of there.

Not so much Stone Cold Crazy, more Stone Cold Dead.

I hate Umber Hulks.

I'll get a character to Level 20 if it kills me.

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