Friday, February 13, 2004

The Butler Didn't Do It

I'm not holding out much hope for The Butler Inquiry of actually returning anything meaningful on how we got into the mess in Iraq. You've got to give it to Tony Bliar (oops, typo) - after Hutton slims down his reports' scope so far that he can't (or won't) criticise the government, everyone bays for an inquiry on WMD. Tony wheels out the Faithful Butler, who immediates says that the inquiry won't be carried out in public, and will focus on "systems and processes, not individual people". Weapons Grade Whitehall Whitewash.

So much for democratic accountability. How can we live in a country where we can go to war on the premise of eliminating Weapons Of Mass Destruction, when we've been there a year and none have been found, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary DIDN'T KNOW what kind of weapons all the claims used to justify the war ACTUALLY WERE until AFTER THE WAR STARTED! Why are these people still in office? Now the inquiry into WMD will simply lay all the blame at the door of the Intelligence Services, and not even look at the political decisions. You can understand why Blair wants to protect his job - he's in love with power and hell bent on ensuring his "place in history" - but if the man had any integrity or honour at all, he'd have resigned by now. This whole thing disgusts me - and only the Lib Dems (bless them) seem to have any clue about what questions the public actually wants answered.

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