Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Special Edition

Fleur and I were in Richmond on Saturday, seeing our Canadian friends Chris and Tanya, who we'd not seen for nearly a year after Chris left Fleur's school in rather mysterious circumstances, which I won't go into here.

We had a really nice day, and got the chance to do a little bit of shopping. Fleur picked up an exceptionally exotic purple top from Next, and I acquired the Special Edition of The Two Towers, as HMV were selling it for £25. I finally had the time to get around to watching it last night, and whilst it was somewhat less impressive on my TV than on the big screen, it was a thoroughly enjoyable 314 minutes.

As good as the Helm's Deep battle scene is, my favourite moments of the film are with Gollum. The CGI work for Gollum is astounding - it's arguably the best performance in the film (though some people might say that's not very hard). Andy Serkis's performance is excellent, and probably my favourite scene in the film is where Gollum is arguing with Smeagol. The interpretation of Gollum/Smeagol is really quite clever - the stereotypical impression of Gollum is a deeply evil, corrupt figure. Here, whilst Gollum's corruption by the One Ring is plain, he's a much more complex character than that - tortured, self-loathing and tragic. Gollum is a truly pitiable character, and for the animators and CGI team to be able to get the audience to emote in such a fashion to a CGI character, is pretty astonishing. Compare Gollum to how most Star Wars fans treat Jar-Jar Binks, for example.

I need to watch it again with Fleur to get her ready to go and see The Return of The King with me, but I reckon that might not be until after the New Year, as we're sodding off to France for a fortnight over Christmas. Not that this really matters, it's hardly like it'll have disappeared from the cinema, is it?

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