Saturday, December 13, 2003

Jedi Nights, Sith Days

Much as I've been tempted to take a sick (Sith?) day or five to play KOTOR of the past week, alas, I've not had the luxury - as you'll have been able to tell from the paucity of updates in the last week. The fact I'm updating on a Saturday tells you that I'm actually at work, rather than at home, because the Delphi thing that I've been complaining about for the last month needs to be finished for Monday, and at 7.15pm on Friday, I still had a couple of hours' work to do, so I'm having to finish it in my own time over the weekend, as we've got a deadline for all development work to be finished by the end of the week, and I've still got another two tasks to do. It's going to be a busy week.

Thankfully, I've finished the major bit of work I wanted to do today, and it's pretty much ready for building, but I've just got a couple of minor bugs I want to iron out before I can go back home to Bastila, Mission, Canderous, Carth and the rest of the KOTOR crew.

The patch for KOTOR has really sorted out all the problems I was having with the game. I've had a couple of seemingly random crashes on Tatooine and the Yavin merchant's station, but no memory leaks or saggy frame rates at all. Whenever this is down to the patch or the memory manager I installed, but either way, it's enabled me to up the resolution up to 1024x768 and put on the x4 Anti-Aliasing, x4 ansitropy, soft shadows and all the other natty little graphical options. And it looks *gorgeous*.

Not that you should ever judge a game on its looks, but it all helps add to the atmosphere and the experience. I've got both my Scout/Jedi Guardian character and Bastila tooled up with modified double-bladed lightsabers now, and they really kick some arse. The combat animations for the melee weapons, particularly the lightsabers, are fantastic, right out of the duel scenes in The Phantom Menace - I could watch Bastila carve up Mandalorians all day.

Vice City was really something, but this romps away with my personal Game Of The Year award by quite a substantial margin. I'm twenty hours in already, I've probably played through less than half of the game, and considering that there are nine combinations of classes to play through as (Scout/Soldier/Scoundrel x Jedi Guardian/Jedi Sentinel/Jedi Consular), and you can play through these as both Light and Dark side, Male or Female, that gives you 36 possible individual combinations to play the game with. That's a not inconsiderable replay potential. So KOTOR is going to keep me busy for a long while yet.

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