Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Var! Huh! What is it good for? Um, well, declaring variables, actually.

I'm struggling mightily with Delphi at the moment - it's being a right bastard trying to get the design of the form I'm working on right right. So far this task which was scheduled for 4 days work has actually taken me 9 days and with no end in sight. I'd be driving me nuts, but when I see things like this on the web, I know I'm not nearly as mad as I might be. If you ever see me go near a Flash IDE, please, kill me.

Here's some more internet paranoia that's come to my attention. By turns both interesting and amusing.

In the Good News Department, it appears that the Evil Belgians aren't *quite* as evil as they might have been. Only 30% as evil, in fact. On account of our acts of good faith, in removing the article and issuing an apology, they've not quite gone as far as dropping the whole legal action, but agreed for a reduced settlement, asking for "only" 400 Euros, rather than the original 1300 Euros. Which, whilst still a fairly considerable sum of money (around £275) is a lot easier on poor old Danny's pocket - even more so since I started a whip-round thread on State for people to bung him the odd £10-20 to ease his financial pain. After I get paid next month, I'm going to bung him around £30 for a decent bottle of Single Malt to calm his nerves.

I think I'll probably write a letter to PCG and maybe PCF to spread the word, as this kind of thing isn't exactly well known, and deserves to be spread around.

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