Friday, November 07, 2003


You know how everyone says the Windows ME is a piece of shit and how you should upgrade to Windows XP because it's so much better, so much more reliable and so great for driver support and games? Well, I finally took their advice and acquired a copy of Windows XP, XP Service Pack 1, backed up all my data and save games, reformatted the hard drive (in NTFS mode, as everyone says you should) and did a full clean install of XP Pro.

I got all the latest drivers for my GeForce4 Ti4600, my Soundblaster Audigy, plus new drivers for my keyboard and Intellimouse Explorer off the internet at work, burned them to a CD and installed them all from scratch so I have a completely brand new Operating System with no driver clutter at all. A perfect tabula rasa for my gaming enjoyment!

It sounds too good to be true, you think - and you'd be right. Once I finish with all this upgrading and updating around 11pm last night, I naturally want to check it all works, so on goes Halo, installing DirectX 9.0b as we go. It's a brand new game, designed to work with XP and all the latest drivers, and guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK.


I'm pretty sure it's a graphics card glitch, as the splash screen comes up fine, it tries to go to full screen mode, and then the screen goes black and doesn't update properly - so you get all the sound, and the game is running, but all you see is a black screen. I would install the patch - but the one you download from the support site DOESN'T BLOODY INSTALL PROPERLY and I can't get into the game to update it using the integrated wizard.


Gearbox need to be shot, and then trampled and gored by rampaging elephants. They can't convert or optimise for shit.

But hey, at least Jedi Knight works.

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