Thursday, November 20, 2003

Rage, Actually

I'm moderately miserable at the moment - neither of the teams in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals that I wanted to win actually won, thanks to the gloriously negative tactics employed by England and Australia, who could only manage a single try between them to reach the final, and will probably play out a grinding snore-a-thon on Saturday morning. Which I'll still get up to watch, natch, because these things only come around every four years.

Work has also had me on the verge of a psychotic episode all week, because I've been working for three weeks on a Delphi change that turned out to be 500% more complex than anticipated, we have no design documentation, and we can't run our application in debug mode, so you can't find where (and why) things are going wrong. I'm having to change tasks, purely to save my sanity so I don't rampage around Farnborough with a chainsaw - though I'm not sure that would be such an abnormal reaction to working in Farnborough for as long as I have.

I was also mightily miffed that extended edition of The Two Towers I was holding out for is retailing for £30. Okay, it's 4 DVDs, but I'm not paying £30 for a DVD, not even for TTT. ASDA are selling it for a more reasonable £25, but do they have a copy? NO. And will GAME price match them if don't have it in stock? NO. Shower of the proverbial parentless progeny.

The one bright spot on the horizon is that Fleur and I are hosting our friends Florence and Alex for the weekend, and Flo is a fellow gamer, so I can demo her a few of my latest titles that I've acquired since they last visited us. Halo, Vice City and Neverwinter Nights are surely going to be on the gaming menu,... as for the food menu, who can say? I've still got to do the shopping.

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