Friday, November 28, 2003

The Champ Man you always wanted

I spent some serious quality time with the Championship Manager 03/04 demo last night, and I'm impressed. This is how a football management game should be. All the previous versions of Championship Manager have reduced me to the state of the proverbial football manager chucking teacups at the players in the dressing room. This, however is more of an inspiring psychological analysis from Arsene Wenger.

Now, with the 2D engine, you can see tactical changes having an effect - and more importantly, that they *do* have an effect, unlike the pre-CM4 versions. The media feedback options are an excellent touch, as are the board and fan confidence updates. With all the CM4 bugs ironed out, this is pretty much an essential purchase for any football fan. With KOTOR being delayed, I was seriously tempted to pick it up at lunch today, but a quick look at my bank balance killed that impulse pretty much instantly.

It's going to have to wait until after I get paid - and what with KOTOR and Hordes Of The Underdark being released next friday, it might have to wait until after Christmas, but it's a fairly certain impending purchase, I think. There are good gaming times ahead, methinks.

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