Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Ponging Pings

I played a bit of Multiplayer Delta Force: Black Hawk Down last night. It may surprise you to learn that other than a brief visit to a Counterstrike server three years ago, this was my first extended experience of online gaming. As most of you will know, I can't get broadband at home, so I was playing on a 56kps connection. With pings averaging between 650ms and 700ms. Which is Officially No Fun.

Particularly when you're on an American server (because it's the only one I could find playing vanilla deathmatch) where everyone else has broadband, and they're all online gaming veterans. However, I managed to aquit myself quite well in my final game of the evening and outscored a few other players, despite Lag literally the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

I can certainly see the appeal of online gaming - I had a few nice moments, such as ascending a ladder to a roof, to find someone who was already camping there with a sniper rifle, and unloading 30 rounds from my CAR-15 into his back. It was only afterwards that I realised I should have knifed him for extra points - because he didn't have a clue I was there.

I definitely think that I'll play it again - if I could get more playable pings, I reckon it'd be great fun, and I certainly need more practice to learn the maps and learn how to cope with the lag. Perhaps I'll see if anyone on State plays it, and try and get a regular game set up.

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