Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Dammit, I've got lots to write about and no time to do it, so this is going to be a blog entry in rather clipped stylée.

Lots going on at the moment - I'm working on two projects at the moment, which has pretty much eradicated my surfing time at work. Hence, my involvement in State has pretty much dropped off to zero, though this will only be temporary until I leave my old project and bed in with my new one. The new project is good - and is presenting me with an opportunity to develop my Oracle and SQL skills, learn a new flavour of UNIX and start learning Delphi, Java and C++ in earnest. Should be fun. I'm testing the system at the moment, which would otherwise be as tedious as hell, except that it's all new to me.

I have *another* new manager (my 4th in the space of about 12 months), who I met today for my 3rd Quarter review. Seems like a nice guy, and I kind of browbeat him into making him more predisposed to sending me on the Project Management course I want to go on. Which is progress. I'm also in line to get a payrise following my promotion (and about time too) - it's only £1200, but it'll ease the pain of paying off the car. I'm hardly going to say no to another £100 a month (minus taxes) - but double that would have been nicer. Natch.

I also completed Baldur's Gate at the weekend with my Fighter/Druid character. By "completed" I in fact mean "got to the last battle and got mercilessly slaughtered". But hey, at least I've got to the end of the game. Which is progress.

I've imported the character into BGII and will try to continue her story regardless - though I also created a Kensai-Mage dual-class character (Dualled from Kensai at Level 8) and he could be more interesting to play. For once I've created a fighter-mage with a genuine reason for not wearing armour. (Since Kensai don't)

Once he goes past Level 9 in Mage (he's just about to hit Level 8 at the moment) I think a dual-long sword wielding Kensai Mage will kick some serious posterior. (What with having +++ in Long Sword and +++ in Two Weapon Style).

And I've not even updated you about what I thought of the other two Anime disks Mr Cobbett sent me. That will have to wait. I've got work to do.

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