Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Trials Of An Owner-Occupier

We've discovered what's wrong with State. It appears that our hosting service has upgraded our MySQL database software, which unfortunately, isn't compatible with Beehive. So we couldn't view posts properly. Our PHP wizard, Aanand, with the help of Boffinboots and the Greater Beehive Collective have helped us install a patch so that the forum will display new messages again, but the Start page is still a bit buggered. We'll have to try and put in place a workaround over the next week or so, or perhaps convince our hosting company to regress back to the previous version of MySQL. I don't know whenever they'd be willing to do that, though. Some negotiation might be necessary.

The other trial I had yesterday was when Fleur got her surprise with the new DVD player. It's not that she didn't like it in principle - it's that she took umbrage with where I'd put it. In the TV-video cabinet. Where she had been storing books. Yes. I know.

We've got a really small flat, and storage is a big problem, so she was non-too pleased about having to find room for another electrical appliance. It erked her "aesthetic sense" - i.e. her need to keep everything obsessively and compulsively tidy. In the long run, though, I'm sure she won't mind, as it means that she can watch DVD's without me if I'm more inclined to play something on the PC. Domestic harmony assured! So if she wants to watch Out of Africa whilst I want to watch Heat, we can do that too!

For only £45 all in, including the SCART lead, the DVD player (judging from my tests with South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut last night) seems really rather good. It's quite sleek and pretty, the picture quality is excellent, and I get the feeling the sound quality is more constrained by my TV than the DVD player. It'll only play Region 2 disks, but it's not like I import stuff anyway. Besides, the PC will play multi-region stuff. Overall, it seems a good buy, so if you're after a DVD player, and have £45 to spare, pop down to your local ASDA.

In other news, I've forgotten to bring my holiday photos in again. Bollocks.

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