Monday, September 22, 2003


I left two eBay auctions to their own devices over the weekend, and wasn't expecting to have any competition for one, and was expecting to get outbid on the other one. Bizarrely, the latter of the two, for Arx Fatalis, didn't get the last minute flurry of bids you normally expect on eBay, and I won the auction surprisingly easily with the bid I'd left on Friday. It was the other auction, for an old RPG called Septerra Core, that had all the excitement, when I was expecting to win it with just my opening bid of £1.99.

I'd put a maximum bid for £6.52 up, so that I wouldn't be paying more than a tenner for it, including postage, and low and behold, that's what it went for, as my competition went up to £6.50 within the last minute of the auction, but obviously didn't quite have time to pip me - leaving me to win the auction by just two pence! It's rare that I usually come out best on these kind of last minute bidding frenzies, and it's ironic that I wasn't even there to monitor the bids.

I'm expecting stiffer competition for the other game I'm bidding on, though - the inexplicably named Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. It's another RPG, which is very original and quite highly regarded, but seems to have disappeared from the shops. If I can win that one too, that'll be four games I'll have picked up this month for less than half price, as I picked up Delta Force: Black Hawk Down at the weekend for £15 off the RRP. Bargain.

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