Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Player

How tempting is this? A DVD player for less than the cost of two full price DVDs. Or, just over the cost of a single full price PC game. Granted, at £37.95 you can't expect cinema quality sound and vision, but fuck that. It's THIRTY SEVEN QUID. That's peanuts.

If my overdraft isn't too cavernous (I get paid next week), I might pick one up at lunch. Provided that they have any in my local Argos, that is.

While we're on the subject of playing, I completed Shadows of Undrentide at the weekend. I think when Tycho said it ends with exceptional quality he was probably talking about the high level kit the game throws at you for the climax. I've done a full review on State, so I won't repeat my musings here. It's all good, clean fun - but nothing earth-shatteringly spectacular. Which is ironic, given the climatic event shown in the closing cutscene.

I've just realised I've forgotten to bring my holiday photos disk in with me to work *again*. Fuck.

Note to self: Get a book on memory enhancement techniques. Though I'll probably forget that too...

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