Tuesday, September 02, 2003

PHP Misery

State appears to be buggered. The forum isn't displaying new posts properly, whereas if you check the latest threads on the website, they show correctly. I don't know if we've been script-kiddied, hacked or whenever it's just flaky PHP, but the forum is temporarily screwed until Aanand turns up and figures out how to fix it. Which may be a while. As a precaution, I've removed the ability for the Guest account to make posts, and I've removed all the posts for the Guest user, so in case someone logging in as a Guest tries to fuck us up with some Javascript, they won't be able to.

Predictably, there weren't any £38 DVD players in Argos either. Not that this stopped me from buying one, since I wasn't quite as overdrawn as expected, and they had them for £44.87 (including a SCART lead, meaning that the total cost would have been practically identical to buying the one from Argos) in ASDA. The manufacturer's called Pacific, who I've never heard of, but the player had a 4 star review from What TV & Video on the box and ASDA were selling it with a free 3 year warranty, so it can't be *total* tat. Besides, it's silver and sexy, and at £45, if it falls apart within a year, I don't care.

So Fleur's going to get a surprise when she gets home tonight. It should take her mind off the fact she's had her first day back at work today after the school holidays, anyway.

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